Pos-T-Vac Replacement Rings Now Available

Welcome to our constriction ring order page.
First some basics.
A constriction ring is used to hold the blood in an erect penis. If you are able to achieve an erection naturally, however, then loose the erection before you desire to you should consider this option.

The best bet would be to purchase the Rejoyn Constriction Ring package. It will contain rings of four different sizes. "A" is the largest and "D" is the smallest. In addition, it contains a loading cone and placement ring, a lubricant sample and a carry case. This kit will allow you to find the size that works best for you.

When you have determined the best size for you we have replacements available.

The Ultimate II rings are the style that comes with the Pos-T-Vac Bos 2000-2 and the IVP 600 Vacuum Therapy systems. If the size I is not small enough or if you find the Rejoyn Constriction Ring size "D" is not small enough we suggest that you try the size X - Ultimate II ring.